Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Callum reviews 4th book in Wings of Fire series

A Book review for The Dark Secret

The Dark Secret is the fourth installment in the book series Wings of Fire. It is about five dragons, the dragonets of destiny, and their quest to stop the world war between tribes by choosing a queen of the Sandwings tribe. There is also the Rainwings, Seawings, Nightwings, Icewing, Mudwings, and Skywings. The dragonets are Starflight, a Nightwing, Tsunami, a Seawing, Glory, a Rainwing, Clay, a Mudwing, and Sunny, a Sandwing. This book is focused on Starflight and the Nightwings. He gets kidnapped and is taken to the kingdom of the Nightwings, which no other tribe knows about. He finds out that the Nightwings have a set of backup dragonets to fight in the originals place. He becomes friends with the Nightwing in the group. They both didn’t grow up on the volcanic island, so they both want to escape. They learn that the Nightwings are planning on attacking the Rainwings and taking over their kingdom. They team up to try and stop them.
I really like these books because I really want to find out which bratty queen they choose. Trust me-none seem like a good fit. I would read this book if you like fantasy. I would also recommend reading the other books first. I really want to read the next book in the series.

                                                                            -Callum M.

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  1. Callum, it's fun to see your continued interest in fantasy. I'm glad that you enjoy this fantasy. It sounds to me like it would be a good fit for anyone who enjoyed the Warrior Cat series. Do you agree? Thanks for posting. I hope to see you Wednesday night at the library for our End-of-Summer book club meeting.