Thursday, June 19, 2014

Welcome Summer Readers of 2014 - Books Read in June!

Welcome to this blog dedicated to books you're reading or want to read this summer.  For many bibliophiles, summer offers the perfect time to get lost in a good book, travel to times long past, or venture into future worlds.  Come here to share the stacks of books you want to read and to let us know about the books you've finished.


 A chance for you to read and get a cookie bar!
·     Pick 3 books of your choice.
·     Have fun reading them.
·     Keep track of the books you're reading on the 
Sweet Summer Reads blog.   
·  If you can't comment on the blog,
email me and I'll post it to the blog.
·     Get book ideas from other classmates. 
·  Check out the book links posted by Mrs. B.
·     Most of all, just enjoy the luxury of free time to read
Have a great summer!
-Mrs. B.

Try to read at least three books during the summer - one in June, one in July, and one in August.  Post the book title, author, and your rating.  You might also want to include the genre. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about the book, but remember you don't have to post a lengthy review.   You might choose to use a star rating system of 1 - 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best book you've ever read, and 1 star indicating that you didn't like the book.  

If you have trouble commenting on this post, email your comments to me (, and I'll post them on the blog. 
Happy reading!

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