Monday, September 1, 2014

End-of-Summer Book Club - August 27

Our end-of-summer book club on Wednesday was a small group.   We think many of you were out of town or on the lake enjoying the last week of summer before school starts.  As I left the house for our two hour meeting, my husband asked me, "Do you have a book to read?"  Indeed, I did!  I had two boxes of books and one sack to share.   Plus, even if no one showed up, Ms. Bowman (KCLS librarian) and I love to share our reading lives with each other.  Our own Island Books bookstore supported the evening by providing free ARCs (advance reader copies)
for any students who dropped by.  

We brought in the KCLS rocking chair, a couch, and some chairs to create a cozy space in the meeting room.  Ms. Bowman had a table for her recommended books,
I had a table for my book choices, and we had a table for the free books.
And we had cookies and cookie bars for everyone
(with enough leftovers for IMS teachers on Thursday).  

Our evening began with Ms. Bowman and me sharing our books with each other.
We were joined by two incoming sixth grade students, Olivia and Liliana.
Each of them brought a book they had recently read.
We spent the next hour talking and sharing books.  
Olivia shared The Key and The Flame.
Liliana shared Half Brother.
I love adding to my WTR (want to read) list when I chat with fellow book lovers.
Near the end of the evening Callum arrived for a
quick book share and some cookie bars.  
Callum shows off his ARC of Badger Knight.
Although our numbers may have been few, our book love was mighty.
Anytime a few people gather to talk books, there is much book love!  
Sharing book love in the town center!
We  hope to hold this book sharing event several times a year.
We'll announce future meetings at IMS, through KCLS (King County Library System),
and on the blog, Sweet Summer Reads.  

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  1. Ramona, I stumbled upon your blog while getting ready to stretch myself. I love the stature of the children reading. I have a very small one in my garden. I am going to capture this photo because I can see so many uses of it. Thanks for letting me stretch with you tomorrow.