Sunday, June 23, 2013

Glory Be - NPR's Backseat Book Club Pick for July

If you enjoyed The Liberation of Gabriel King or The Lions of Little Rock, then you may want to read Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood.  Click on the book title to read NPR's review and an excerpt from the book.  I've had this book on my WTR (want to read) list for some time.   So now it goes on my MRTS (must read this summer) list.  If you read it, be sure to email me, and I'll post your comments here.
If you're interested in seeing other books chosen by the NPR (National Public Radio) Backseat Book Club, here's their complete list.  You're sure to recognize a title or two and perhaps even discover something new to read this summer.
Happy reading!


  1. Glory Be is in my pile of summer looks wonderful!

  2. I finished Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood (I love her last name). The entire time I was reading this book, I was making connections to The Lions of Little Rock, a five star read and one of our Mock Newbery books from last year. Lions is set in Little Rock, Arkansas during the summer of 1958, and Glory Be is set in Hanging Rock, Mississippi in the summer of 1964. I was surprised to discover a character named J.T. in each book. Both books deal with family, friendship, and changes faced by communities during this time period. Glory Be is a four star read. If you like historical fiction, this is a great choice for summer reading.